dialogue lee harvey oswald

LEE HARVEY OSWALD , the 2 murders

JFK: I’m President Kennedy and it’s a fine day to be travelling in Dallas. Hello ( Three rifle shots )
LHO: I didn’t even vote for you

30 minutes later …
JDT: I’m detective J.D. Tippit. You under arrest cause you look a lot like the …
HLO: Because , I am ( two gun shots)

In a nearby cinema
“Sir your ticket, you need a ticket to get in here …Sir?

LHO is sitting at the movie theatre when a police man recognized him.
P: Sir, you need to put down your mask ( LHO tries to run away )
LHO: Ahhhh my leg ( he falls )
P: You’re under arrest for the assesination of President Kennedy and the police man J.D. Tippit.
LHO: Let me go, I’m innocent
P: Yes, like everybody is…

In the interrogation room…
P: Eyes here, You know why you’re here?
P: Well, We know that you killed two people…
LHO: I’m innocent.
P: Really, I’m going to show you the evidence number one.
LHO: What are you talking about?
P: Do you know what this is? ( he showed a gun)
LHO: I never seen this gun before
P: Well, it’s weird because your fingerprints are all over it.
LHO: That is imposible !
P: Imposible? It was found near the body of agent Tippit, It was fired at the time it was
Estimated he died
LHO: I repeat, I’ve never killed anyone.
P: Anybody? Well , evidence number two. Fake ID, We believe It was used to buy a gun and a Carcano rifle.
LHO: I don’t have any weapons…
P: You don’t have any weapons? Well, why would you have a fake ID, its fingerprints matches the one here and the ones in the Carcano rifle.
LHO: Come on , that’s imposible, yes . We are still here and I want to GO Home
P: So you want to GO Home, then sit down!
LHO: Come on!
P: So you think it’s funny. Let me Bring evidence number three. Do you see this ( he showed him a rifle )
LHO: It is NOT my rifle.
P: Is not your rifle? Then why your fingerprints are all over It.
LHO : They are not my fingerprints. It is not funny , I want to go home. These are not my guns.
And I don’t have a fake ID… For Three years
P: For five years.
LHO: OK , five years
P: And on What floor did you work?
LHO : Six
P: Which room, room 16 . The exact room that was used to Shoot President Kennedy.
LHO : I didn’t kill Anybody, I repeat.
P: You are going to jail.
LHO : why ? I didn’t kill Anybody. I’m innocent
P: you are innocent? Well killing two people doesn’t seem very innocent to me.
LHO: how many times do I need to repeat this? I didn’t kill Anybody.
P: Nothing that your saying stacks up,
LHO : I Dont have weapons , I Dont have ID.
P: Nothing of What you’ve said can be confirmed or testified. Everything you say is false you haven’t said one true thing, except that you work at the depository.
LHO: I never killed J.D.Tippit or J.F. Kennedy.

Anchor man: Hello Dallas, this is Metro News One with breaking News …
As you know , last night President Kennedy and a police officer named J.D.Tippit were murdered. Well , police have identified the murderer as Lee Harvey Oswald. He’s Been caught by the police and he will be Taken to jail tomorrow outside of the Mall. It will a central line and outside people can boo at him or say to him whatever you want . Goodbye.

Oswald is Taken outside when a man aproached him and killed him. His name was Jack Ruby.
Fernando Ramírez
Nicholas Temkin


My opinion

Topic: lawjers should get paid more than nurses


favour: lawyers spend hours at work, have to memorize all the laws

nurses are assistants

lawyers sometimes spend hours on a single trial

lawyers spend more time and money at law school

aggainst: lawyers should be paid more than nurses because of multiple reasons:a) lawyers spend a lot of time and money in law school b) they spend a lot of time in a trial

thesis statement:the longest trial ever has lasted 10 hours

counter argument: nurses also spend a lot of time helping operate patients

organized argument: yes, but nurses only spend hours operating patients, lawyers, on the other hand can spend days on a trial

summarize: sumarizing, lawyers have to gow to law school, work a lot more and get paid less. That is unfair


lee harvey oswald

The story of lee harvey oswald:

Oswald was a former U.S. Marine who defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959. He lived in the Soviet Union until June 1962, at which time he returned to the United States. Oswald was initially arrested for the murder of police officer J. D. Tippit, who was killed on a Dallas street approximately 45 minutes after President Kennedy was shot. Oswald would later be charged with the murder of President Kennedy as well but denied shooting anybody, claiming he was a patsy.Two days later, while being transferred from police headquarters to the county jail, Oswald was shot and mortally wounded by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby in full view of television cameras broadcasting live.


God like reporto


he is the greek god of blacksmiths, sculptors, etc .

he is the son of zeus and zera, but when he was born he was thrown from mount olimous, cripling him. He saved by thetis and eurynome. He was then later admited back to mount olimpus.he became the craftsman of the gods, and married aphrodite, ho cheated on him with ares.he then figured out a plan to humiliate   Both lovers in front ao all other gods.


link info:http://www.greekmythology.com/Olympians/Hephaestus/hephaestus.html

link media:http://www.greekmythology.com/Olympians/Hephaestus/hephaestus.html


Diary entry

March 21

dear diary,

today i got mi grades,and they are really good! I am really proud of all the work i have done and what i have gone through.

also, mi mum will get operated today,and i really hope that it ends well.

mi sister is saying goodbie, and we are about to leave the hospital.

march 22

something went terribly wrong! Mi mums operation went horrible, she is dying! My dad and mi sister are crying.shes probably going to die. I am so sad, but at least i still have my good grades.

march 23

the school called. Mi grades were incorect, and mi real grades werent 6,7, they were 4,6. Mi sister killed herself because mi mum died.mi father did the same five minutes ago.i have nothing left to live for.goodbie cruel world!

o god! I just slit mi wrist and it hurts so much! I am bleeding out…